Saturday, January 21, 2012

"It's love that makes the world go round"

I can no longer remember the last time I sang or heard the song with this title. But it just entered into my mind when I succeeded to break the almost three-month hiatus of this blog. I had tried more than once but always failed to pick up the momentum. Since the opening of classes in June, my posts started to diminish. I was given full load of teaching assignment. Hence, the difficulty in making adjustment from previously relaxed condition.

More so, when I resumed my former position as head of the Department of Social Work in August. The Christmas break could have provided me with the luxury of time to activate my blogs. Especially when I observed the deterioration of my ranks in Alexa, Technocrati and other blog ranking sites. Yet, my attempts miserably failed to break the lull. Not even the pressure of disappointing decline of my blogs in ranking, by default. A slide from the peaks they have reached, out of hard work.

However, yesterday something happened which kept my blogs going. ‘Twas my wife’s birthday. Our respective work responsibilities and exigent engagement compelled us to make practical arrangements in the celebration . But what about the gift? In our 25 years of relationship, my wife has consistently exemplified the value of essence, rather than form. Yet, at times, she makes demands on gifts irregardless of value or form, wittingly or unwittingly, to drive her point.

In thinking of better alternatives, I remembered the debut celebration of our eldest and only daughter . I blogged about the significance of her name which was posted on our family blog . That made something different and lasting for her birthday. With this clue, I decided to make one for my wife. But would I succeed this time considering my failed attempts under the luxury of time? More so, that a day earlier, I surrendered late in the afternoon halfway of my draft blog.

Still, I made a try by idly going over the draft, yesterday morning after posting greetings on social network. While reviewing the poem I wrote 25 years ago, I gradually felt the inspiration and subsequent inner drive to finish what I started. And at lunch time, I made it and subsequently posted on

The inspiration did not end there. Reading the last post on each of my other blogs, I have decided to replicate the success. Hence, this blog to sustain the momentum. I realized previous motivation failed to recapture the flame. But my love to my wife has made the fire going. Indeed, it’s love that makes the world go round.

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