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LIFE stands for Learning Institute for the Fullness of life and Empowerment.

It is a professional body of volunteer social workers, educators, clergy, lay, youth, community development workers that advocates the attainment of the fullness of life and empowerment by providing lifetime opportunities for learning and service.

LIFE focuses on learning from life’s experiences towards holistic development of people and communities. While the institute believes in the quality education for life, it will create alternative approaches to provide such quality of education and other services to marginalized sectors of society within their means.

Starting as pioneers in the conceptualization and implementation of the CPBC UNITES (UNIfied Theological Education System of the Convention of Philippine Baptist Churches) through respective positions and voluntary engagement, the team decided to sustain the spirit of unity and expand its commitment to other areas of service and sectors, as well as communities.


General: To serve as network of individuals, groups and organizations that are committed to holistic development of people and communities through leadership training, education, advocacy, resource generation, and networking.

1. To train leaders that will exemplify the Christian value system and tenets in personal and community life and in governance of institutions and nation within the framework of what is good and right, true and gives/ enriches life.
2. To provide educational opportunities by assisting already existing learning institutions and establish schools, training institutes, welfare and development centers in communities when needed.
3. To offer modular courses and extension classes on degree programs within the expertise of the officers and members of the organization.
4. To advocate volunteerism and organize network of volunteers in the pursuit of the attainment of fullness of life and empowerment of the people.
5. To research, document and publish/ produce multimedia presentations of life’s experiences, events, messages that will serve as learning models in education and service.
6. To establish partnership, linkages and network with individuals, groups, organizations and institutions both here and abroad for resource generation endeavors including , but not limited to acquiring properties, donations, contributions, sponsorship, gifts, endowment, bequests, legacies for the furtherance of the association’s purposes and objectives.
7. To engage in programs and projects for the holistic development of people involving the socio cultural, economic, political, environmental and spiritual aspects of life

Believing that real learning comes from life’s experiences, LIFE will organize and implement viable programs related to Leadership training, Education, Advocacy, Research, documentation, publication and Networking (LEARN)

LEADERSHIP TRAINING -holistic development of leaders of churches and communities
*MODELS (Modular Opportunities for Development of Empowered
Leaders for Service)

EDUCATION - formal and non-formal approach
*TEAM (Theological Education Alternatives for Ministers) leading to masteral degrees
*LEAD (Learning Alternatives for Development) of people in communities e.g. ALPS, and non-formal courses

ADVOCACY – centers on Principled LOVE (Leadership Opportunities,
Volunteerism & Empowerment

RESEARCH, DOCUMENTATION & PUBLICATION/PRODUCTION of life’s experiences, events as learning models:(a) Books, manuals multi media materials (b)Radio and CATV ministry

NETWORKING -establish partnership with government agencies, NGOs including religious groups engaged in holistic development

Membership is open to individuals, groups, organizations, and institutions that believe in, and subscribe to the principles, objectives, and purposes of the association with tested commitment in volunteerism and holistic ministry and development of people and communities.

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