Monday, February 28, 2011

Gains and Pains in Serving the Pastors (A) Organizational Breakthrough

First, the gains which, of course, underwent the birth pangs normally experienced by any organization in gaining the members trust and support.

Organizational breakthrough

Under the slogan SHARE, HELP, MINISTER, our association (CBMA) has soared to unprecedented heights. Summing up the vision-mission statement and paradigm thrust, the slogan captured the ideas, needs, aspirations, of pastors through the process of consultation and participatory planning. The strategic plan was validated and approved by the assembly, reaffirmed every assembly.

SHARE stands for the vision of fostering mutual relationship and solidarity towards holistic ministry, abundant life and responsible stewardship. The mission HELP means Holistic Enhancement of the Life of Pastors characterized by exemplary obedience to mission, ever conscious of their identity as servants of God, skillful in networking and partnership for integral and integrated services among themselves and towards total ministry with enabling skills in resource generation and other mobilization endeavors (MINISTER).

MINISTER also serves as the paradigm framework of the Association’s program thrusts, as follows: Ministerial identity; Institute;Networking; Integrated services; Spirituality; Team Work; Entrepreneurship; Resource mobilization. The formulation was by-product of the members ideas and participation, as well as the tedious processes undertaken by the officers and members of the board. My role was to arrange, integrate and consolidate the output for easy recall and identification.

Using aforementioned order, the following breakthroughs were gained: Finalization of Code of Ethics, ministerial gown/vestment, and resolving the perennial debate on pastoral identity of those engage in other work. We have also revived the CBMA Institute, opened extension classes in provincial centers for Masteral studies to upgrade the Pastors’ education and updating skills and specialization. These were synchronized with existing initiatives of Institute for Advanced Theological Studies.

As far as linkages and networking is concerned we have strengthened relationship with the Convention -related organizations & institutions, as well as government and non-government organizations (NGOs). The association was founding member of the Iloilo Coalition of NGOs and POs (ION)- umbrella network of NGOs and Volunteer Organization, Information, Communication Exchange (VOICE)-Iloilo Cluster.

We started to work out delivery of integrated services through medical mission every assembly and advocate for provision of health and welfare benefits for pastors. Streamlining of the national structure with provincial associations was done for proper coordination. Through the effort of our association, the CPBC UNITES (Unified Theological Education System) wand implemented. This bring together all existing theological institutions affiliated with the CPBC under one system. which broadened the opportunities for continuing pastoral education.

Entrepreneurship and resource mobilization activities involved construction of KATIPAN Hall and establishing of canteen at the Camp Higher Ground, Barotac Viejo, Iloilo. The association also designated a full time pastors to help manage the Camp.

Details will be discussed in the next blog.

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