Friday, February 18, 2011

PADAYON: Our faith Journey

PADAYON was the word that capped the successful conduct of the 68th National Assembly of the Convention Baptist Ministers Association (CBMA) on January 25, 2009. Inspired by the overwhelming responses of pastors on the CBMA leadership and governance, as well as the advocacies on changes in the CPBC politics, systems and governance, I was looking for a punch line/ clincher to sustain the momentum in delivering the concluding remarks.

Then came the message from my *Ihado when the worship leader innovatively asked the participants to write on the provided piece of paper, message to a particular person of choice. All of the notes I received have common message of encouragement to “keep up the good work.” My ihado gave me a note with one word which captured all other messages. Subsequently, I used it to officially close the National Convention of CBMA: PADAYON

The second time I received the word was during my birthday celebration when this same ihado sent me text greetings, just the time I was looking for a title or a framework to launch my lifetime ministry to commemorate my 55th Birthday. Hence, this PADAYON - LEARN FROM LIFE reflections.

*Pastor Francis Neil G. Jalando-on, CBMA President 2010-2013

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  1. very appropriate and very timely.... indeed, indi lang padayon sa pagpangabuhi, padayaon sa hilikuton but more so padayon sa madina-ugon nga pagpangabudlay... when most people including this blogger are contemplating of retiring and taking things lightly, enjoying the fruit of the labor of our hands, PADAYON is a clarion call... salamat gid nga madamo...