Friday, February 25, 2011

Rewind: Giving back the favor

The swift jump to the previous post, Gains and Pains in Serving the Pastors, did not go unnoticed. Some feedbacks reminded me that my audience are not solely pastors. While obsessed with events preceding my illness, I have no intention to downgrade my two decades of service in the University. Indeed, this deserves a couple of posts that needs this rewind.

I will forever be indebted to the Department of Social Work and Katin-aran Center for giving me a break after the tumultuous pre EDSA involvement. Credit to particular persons will be done in another venue. Shifting to Social Work was originally intended as stepping stone to resumption of Theology course. However, a semestral exposure to classes and curriculum had bewitched me to the noble profession and forgot Theology for awhile. My first employment following graduation was with the Katin-aran Center while teaching part-time at Social Work. After enjoying the opportunity for masteral studies at UP Diliman, I joined the teaching force of the University in 1991 with a resolve to give back the favor to the Department which cuddled me.

Looking back , I am happy to note that my 20 years of service in the University comprise the trilogy of as trilogy of the functions of Higher Educational Institutions, i.e. instruction, research and outreach. Starting from instructor and proctor of the Dormitory for Men, I was designated as publication officer. Thereafter, I assumed middle management position as head of the Department of Social Work, outreach coordinator and later director of the University Outreach Center.

Interestingly, each designation was never planned nor dreamed of but a matter of exigency of service. Hence, I maintained my faculty status, despite changes in designation. One- year backlog in the publication of Link and Kasanag left by previous publication officer brought me to that office. After three years, I headed the Social Work due to untimely resignation of the chairperson. When the director of Outreach declined another 3 year- term, the president requested me to take her place and leave the Department after serving five years.

Professional engagement and voluntary involvement made me assumed additional roles in the University-related projects to prevent their closure. Among others, executive director of the Iloilo House of Refuge (formerly Crisis Center for Women and Children), director of Katin-aran Center Foundation and coordinator of the University CATV Channel. Having stabilized the situation through voluntary endeavor, I reaped the reward of honorarium or overload to continue the work in addition to my regular appointment.

Recognizing my effort, the University President, at that time, gave me a new name: Salvador, for always in the rescue as trouble shooter. I took the joke as promotion to my previous label as trouble maker. It was recently that those involvements become significant. A blessing in disguise, when the current University president tasked me to write the history of Iloilo House of Refuge and Katin-aran Center to compensate my under load teaching assignment resulting from my illness. The document will be included in the second volume of CPU History book to be published in a year or two.

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  1. yes, sir ... i was there and indeed the name Salvador fitted you at that time and maybe you are just awaiting another transformation...see you around and mabuhay ka, kaEdwin Lariza...

  2. Salamat, Jun. PADAYON sa pag-alagad