Sunday, March 27, 2011

Benefits of the CPBC UNITES

The CPBC UNITES (Unified Theological Education System) has become a paradigm shift in the systemic problem of our theological institutions. It was instrumental in the synchronization of diverse programs, divisive orientations and institutional culture. Through this breakthrough, we succeeded to formulate a standardized curriculum which promotes unity while maintaining respective peculiarities and specializations.

The bond of seminarians has been strengthened as the innovation has institutionalized the theological forum and fellowship of various seminaries and bible schools. It also resulted to faculty exchange and opened the door for volunteerism. National officers of the Convention Baptist Ministers Association (CBMA) volunteered to teach with the support of our association.

The CPBC UNITES continues to consolidate and synergize initiatives from various individuals, groups and institutions. There is now a venue for concerted effort, and exchange of ideas, dreams and visions. Likewise, it provides a link to the past, present and future. In one instance, we were surprised to discover that the CPBC UNITES has answered exactly previous needs and dreams of some leaders as culled from an almost forgotten document.Excerpt of which …the series of consultations resulted to some recommendations that paved the way towards the concept of unified theological system:

(1)Continuing theological education should be regularized and institutionalized on a ladderized scheme, with credits towards bachelors and masters degree, or certificate.

(2)Creation of Center of Allied Learning Institute for Life (CALL) composed of accredited faculty from various institutions to call the shot for unified system and to confer degrees to its graduates.

(3)Enrich and upgrade existing theological institutions

Another product of the CPBC UNITES is the Master of Socio Pastoral Ministries (MSPM). The degree is a combination of Master of Science in Social Work program and pastoral ministry courses. The mission of the MSPM program is to prepare graduate students for leadership roles in church, church-related institutions and community. Specifically, it is geared towards a healthy and balanced pastoral leadership, church administration and social/community services.

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