Sunday, January 19, 2014

Bloom even where you're not planted

The title, as incorporated in the photo,   is an amendment to  a quote popularized by  Mary Engelbreit “bloom where you’r e planted.” Although knowledgeable sources attribute  the phrase  to the Bishop of Geneva, Saint Francis de Sales (1567-1622). Hence, my apologies to them for this amendment which, hopefully, does not distort their intention.

Few days ago, I saw the featured  flower, while doing my early morning walking exercise inside the campus of Central Philippine University. The first thing that came into my mind, of course, was  the above mentioned popular saying . Impressed by the way the flower struggled to sprout and bloom in an unlikely situation, I thought of making an amendment to the quotation. So, I requested my daughter to take a photo of the flower before it withers or somebody plucks it. After making the  caption, I posted  the photo on my facebook timeline with the following comment:  But isn’t life sometimes like that? We are compelled to live and  give our best even in unlikely situation, condition, fields, places or circumstances.

Soon it got likes and comments from FB friends and member of a Social Workers network group I joined.Below are some of those worth mentioning:

... and the challenge is to find meaning even in the meaninglessness of it.
         - Dean Anita Illenberger

Wonderful! Very encouraging. This is originally yours, the message is different and i like it better-inclusion of the "excluded".
         -Arlyn Liling Tagakapis

Economic hardship and oppression makes one relocate abroad for survival and a better future for the children. One is uprooted from home to a place where one is "not planted" and that amidst the harshness of loneliness of the soul and coldness of winter, racial discrimination, and in a dog eat dog could still bloom. A very uplifting message for migrants.
         -Margaret Rose Dominado


...that's a meaningful can ponder make a keep blooming even where you're not planted!
        - Mabel Gonzales

Even in a most hostile environment, or in a harsh can still flourish..praise be Our God.
         -Alfonso Espino

Reminds me of a great quote by George Carlin: "I like it when a flower or a little tuft of grass grows through a crack in the concrete. It's so ...heroic.
       - Scott Wellborn

I can relate....... but I will hold on until my last breath.....
God be merciful to a wretched man like me.......
I know nothing good except the good you handed me....
But, here I am, use me for whatever purpose You want it to be....
        - Rudel Obed Dianala

How about you? Any comment to my amendment? Wherever you are, either planted or blown by the wind of change or carried by the birds of circumstances, you have no other choice but to bloom. For others are not  fortunate enough to survive the test of times and circumstances. Live and serve, no matter what. Rest if you want but never give up. PADAYON! 

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